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    Yes, under the right conditions. If you live within 2 hours from Cotuit, where we base our normal lessons out of, we may be able to drive to you and do the lesson at your place... assuming you live on the water or near a body of water that's safe to ride in (deep enough, clean, etc). This is something to be arranged INDIVIDUALLY, so reach out to us via email or phone to start the conversation. Prices will be dependent on the number of boards we bring, driving distance, and the duration of your lesson, all of which is up to you.
  • Can I buy an eFoil at a discount?
    After you take a lesson with us, we will give you our unique affiliate code from Lift. This code can be applied when buying new boards or accessories directly from Lift Foils, giving you a discount and us a commission. This code can ONLY be gifted after a lesson.
  • Can I rent an eFoil?
    Yes, visit the rentals page of our site and see further details there.
  • Can we buy eFoils from you?
    Yes, we occasionally sell our used boards if we have enough extra in stock; typically ~1500$ off retail price. Aside from our boards, you can buy a brand new board directly from Lift Foils AT A DISCOUNT using our affiliate code. We can only share this code after lessons.
  • Is there an age requirement?
    Yes, the minimum age requirement to eFoil is 12 years old.
  • Can two or more people participate in one lesson?
    Yes, there can be up to three riders per single lesson/booking. If you have more than three potential riders, email us or book a second lesson.
  • Should I bring a wetsuit?
    The water is high 70s where we'll be foiling, so the cold is not even a factor. The weather tends to be sunny most of the time with occasional strong winds. Most people choose not to wear a wetsuit, up to you though!
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